Have A Vinyl Pool Liner That's Leaking? Follow These Tips To Fix It

Do you have a backyard swimming pool with a vinyl pool liner, and you've discovered that there is a leak in the lining material? Here are some tips for fixing it on your own.  Patch The Leak Temporarily If you've found the leak in your liner and cannot get around to fixing it right away, you can actually temporarily patch the leak with duct tape. It is only going to hold for a day or two, but it will help buy you some time until you can actually start the repair process.

Include An Island In Your Custom Pool Design

Working with a custom pool contractor allows you to dream up any number of creative ideas for your pool and talk to your contractor about making them happen. For many people, a custom pool is an opportunity to choose a unique shape with some attractive features — a waterfall or a built-in slide, for example. Another luxurious feature to think about adding to your custom pool design is an island. A pool island can be any shape and size, as well as situated wherever you'd like.