Have A Vinyl Pool Liner That's Leaking? Follow These Tips To Fix It

Do you have a backyard swimming pool with a vinyl pool liner, and you've discovered that there is a leak in the lining material? Here are some tips for fixing it on your own. 

Patch The Leak Temporarily

If you've found the leak in your liner and cannot get around to fixing it right away, you can actually temporarily patch the leak with duct tape. It is only going to hold for a day or two, but it will help buy you some time until you can actually start the repair process.

Avoid Draining The Pool

Know that you don't have to drain the pool completely to fix a leak in the liner, since you can actually repair a leak if it is submerged underwater. This can avoid taking the time to drain the pool and wasting water unnecessarily.

Purchase A Vinyl Tool Patch Kit

There are kits that you can purchase that have all of the materials you need to patch a leak in a vinyl pool liner. It will contain the waterproof glue that you need to get the patch to stick to the vinyl lining material, as well as clear and colored vinyl material so that it will be sure to blend in perfectly.

Cut A Patch Of Vinyl Material

You'll want to cut a patch of vinyl material in a circle since having rounded edges is going to help the patch stick to the surface of the pool. The patch itself should be about twice as big as the width of the rip in the pool liner. 

Cover The Patch With Waterproof Glue

Use your waterproof glue to cover the vinyl patch. It should be thoroughly covered, so you can go a bit overboard with the glue to make sure that there is plenty there to bond with the existing liner material. When finished, fold the vinyl patch in half so the glue is touching. Your patch should resemble a taco when finished.

Apply The Vinyl Patch

Quickly unfold the vinyl patch underwater and apply it to the hole in your liner. You'll then want to apply weight to the patch for a few minutes so that the glue can bond with the vinyl material. The patch should be completely dry after about a day. If the hole in the liner is in a deep part of the pool, it may help to use a heavy weight to hold down the patch underwater so that it can bond with the surface. 

For more information about swimming pool repair, contact a local pool professional.