Include An Island In Your Custom Pool Design

Working with a custom pool contractor allows you to dream up any number of creative ideas for your pool and talk to your contractor about making them happen. For many people, a custom pool is an opportunity to choose a unique shape with some attractive features — a waterfall or a built-in slide, for example. Another luxurious feature to think about adding to your custom pool design is an island. A pool island can be any shape and size, as well as situated wherever you'd like. Here are three ways that you can use an island in your custom pool.

As A Luxury Lounging Area

One fun way to use your pool island is as a luxury lounging area. Set up the island with a couple of lounge chairs or a cozy bench, and you'll have a fun place to hang out when you want to take a break from swimming. You can also set up a patio umbrella in this space if you want to relax in the shade. Few things are more fun that alternating swimming and relaxing, and the unique presence of a custom pool island will provide the foundation for the latter activity.

As A Swim-Up Bar/Buffet

Another way to use your pool island is to hold refreshments. While a lot of people keep refreshments on a patio table when they're hosting a pool party, there's little question that your guests will enjoy the uniqueness of having drinks and snacks positioned around the island — as well as the convenience of being able to grab a snack without leaving the pool. For example, you might keep a cooler filled with ice and bottled drinks for your guests to help themselves as they swim. Or, you might have a series of bowls and platters of snack foods positioned around the outer edge of the island for your guests to enjoy.

As A Sports Feature

A lot of families use their swimming pool for playing various sports. With a little creativity, your custom pool's island can play a role in these activities. For example, if you enjoy water basketball, you could place the basketball net on the island instead of on the edge of the pool deck, where it can sometimes be in the way of people as they walk around. Another simple idea is to play water volleyball or badminton, using the island itself as the net. The goal in these sports will be to send the ball or the birdie back and forth over the island.