Six Safety Tips For Hot Tubbing This Season

Got a hot tub? A warm dip in a hot tub at home can be a relaxing and therapeutic way to spend time but use care to stay safe.

Enjoy your hot-tub this summer, but keep these six safety tips in mind:

1. Keep Surface Areas Clean

Do not let your family or friends fall due to an unkempt tub or deck surface. The water and moisture from the tub can cause algae to grow on surfaces, making them slick and treacherous.  Keep your tub and deck clean, free of algae, by pressure washing periodically. This will also prevent the growth of toxic bacteria near and around your tub.

2. Look Over the Drain and Drain Cover

Tub and pool drains can present hazards if not properly covered. Make sure to look closely at the tub's drain and drain cover, to make sure that it is fitted tight and will not cause issues when using the tub. Contact a professional pool and tub contractor to learn more.

3. Keep the Tub Covered

Always keep the hot tub protected with a fitted cover, for safety as well as to conserve energy. A decent cover can keep dirt and debris out, which makes maintaining the tub easier. This also effectively keeps pets and wildlife out of the water.

4. Treat the Hot Tub

It is imperative to clean and treat the water of your hot tub to ensure nobody gets sick or is exposed to harmful bacteria while taking a dip. The best way to determine proper cleaning and chemical treatment of your hot tub are through the manufacturer's recommendations; consult with your owner's manual or talk with a pool contractor for more insight into keeping the tub healthy and safe.

5. Have Tubs Inspected Routinely

Hot tub and pool inspections are a great way to identify potential problems and reduce risks associated with your tub. Have your tub inspected at least once per year, as proof of the inspection may also lower your homeowner's insurance. Talk to your carrier for more information on your coverage.

6. Keep Tub Secured

Always supervise children and pets around your hot tub and secure the tub area to prevent children or pet access. Use fencing with latching gates to secure the area whenever it is not in use; follow legal guidelines for fencing surrounding tubs, spas, and pools in your region.

Compile a list of rules for using the hot tub and make sure that everyone in the home knows safe use protocol. This includes limiting time spent in the tub and to avoid using the tub when under the influence of intoxicants.

Use these tips to maintain safety when hot tubbing this season at home and reach out for professional pool services, as needed, to keep your tub clean and treated properly.

For more information on hot tubs, contact your local experts.