Getting Your Pool Ready For Summer Closing With The Right Safety Cover Installation

As the summer weather begins to cool down and your pool is being used less, it is time to start thinking about closing it for winter. Before you close your pool though, there may be some repairs and improvements that need to be done. You will want to invest in is a safety cover to prevent winter accidents. The following pool safety cover installation will help you prepare your pool for closing:

Choose the Right Cover For Your Pool

There are many safety cover materials that can be used for your installation project. Some of the materials that a pool safety cover can be made out of include:

  • Mesh netting
  • Vinyl covers
  • Solid covers

These are some of the different materials that your pool safety cover can be made out of. These materials are designed to be resistant to tears and can withstand the weight of people, pets, and standing water.

Installing the Anchors for Safety Covers

There are also different types of anchor systems that need to be installed with your pool cover. These systems are usually gromets with springs that hold the cover in place and allow some movement when there is stress due to things like standing water or someone falling on the cover. Ask about having the anchors mounted in concrete to give them more strength.

Additional Features to Install with the Cover

Modern pool designs often have additional features like waterfalls, small hot tub areas, or other custom designs. Sometimes, standard pool safety cover designs are not enough to protect these areas. You can talk to your pool cover installer about options like adding padding or separate covers to protect these features when your pool is closed. The pool safety cover service can design custom padding and covers to ensure your entire pool is protected when it is closed or not being used. 

Scheduling the Safety Cover Installation

After you have decided what type of cover and anchor systems you are going to need, it is time to schedule the installation. It is a good idea to schedule the installation after you have stopped using your pool for the summer months. Try to call before you start closing and doing maintenance to ensure the cover is installed when the pool is closed and weatherized for the winter months.

These are some of the things that you will want to know before installing a pool safety cover. Before you close your pool this year, contact a pool safety cover installation service to get one installed.