Include An Island In Your Custom Pool Design

Working with a custom pool contractor allows you to dream up any number of creative ideas for your pool and talk to your contractor about making them happen. For many people, a custom pool is an opportunity to choose a unique shape with some attractive features — a waterfall or a built-in slide, for example. Another luxurious feature to think about adding to your custom pool design is an island. A pool island can be any shape and size, as well as situated wherever you'd like.

Six Safety Tips For Hot Tubbing This Season

Got a hot tub? A warm dip in a hot tub at home can be a relaxing and therapeutic way to spend time but use care to stay safe. Enjoy your hot-tub this summer, but keep these six safety tips in mind: 1. Keep Surface Areas Clean Do not let your family or friends fall due to an unkempt tub or deck surface. The water and moisture from the tub can cause algae to grow on surfaces, making them slick and treacherous.

Looking To Add A Hot Tub? What You Want To Know

If you are interested in a hot tub so that you can lounge and relax in your backyard, talk with a pool contractor in your area about getting one installed. There are many benefits to having one when you want to enjoy your outdoor space, and there are many new models and options to choose from. Here are some of the things you want to look into and ask for quotes on when you start deciding what type of hot tub you want.

4 Natural Pool Maintenance Tips To Ensure You Are Able To Swim All Summer Without Problems

Natural pool designs are a great way to create a chemical-free swimming area for your home. They can also be hard to maintain, and you want to prevent problems with algae blooms and bacteria. With good maintenance and the right systems, you will be able to easily keep the water in your natural pool clean. The following maintenance tips will help ensure you are able to swim in your pool all summer with no problems:

The Process Of Removing A Vinyl Pool Liner

Do you need to replace the vinyl liner of your swimming pool? If so, you may be wondering how it is done. If you've already received your new pool liner, here are the three steps involved with actually replacing it: Draining The Pool The first step will be to remove all of the water from the pool. This can be done through your filter, if it has settings to drain your pool, but it can also be sped up by using a submersible pump to tackle the job with two pumps.