Consider These Tanning Ledge Options For Your In-Ground Pool

If you like the idea of your in-ground pool being a place that your family and friends can spend time around even when you're not actively swimming, there are lots of designs to discuss with your pool company. One compelling feature that the company might recommend is a tanning ledge, which is a shallow part of the pool that typically has just a few inches of water. Its name indicates that this is a good place to suntan, but you can also enjoy many other activities on your tanning ledge. If you're planning to add this feature to your pool, here are some options that your pool company may have available.


Most tanning ledges that you see are level with the pool, but another option is to have your pool company raise this ledge several inches. Doing so separates it from the pool a little and also gives you the opportunity to have a small waterfall that flows off the edge of the tanning ledge into the pool. This feature can be appealing when you're tanning, reading, and enjoying other relaxing activities on the ledge. The constant sound of the waterfall can be a pleasant source of background noise that may help to block other sounds around the neighborhood.

Built-In Furniture

There are generally two furniture options when you're thinking about a tanning ledge. Some people bring their own patio furniture into this space. However, pool companies can also offer to put built-in furniture on the ledge. Generally, the furniture in question will be comfortable lounge chairs that are affixed to the surface of the ledge. This saves you from having to move patio furniture back and forth and can also provide more of a luxurious style. Tanning ledges in pools at luxury resorts often have built-in furniture.

Water Jets

Although there's nothing wrong with having still water in your tanning ledge, you might wish to discuss adding some jets to this area. Your pool company can strategically install a few jets around the perimeter of the ledge and provide a switch nearby that allows you to turn them on or off. When you're sitting in this area, you might enjoy the feeling of moving water that the jets provide. During times that you want more stillness, you can simply switch them off. Discuss these and other tanning ledge ideas with your pool company to come up with the best design for your pool.

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