Cleaning Your Pool To Keep It Crystal-Clear All Summer: What You Should Know

Swimming pools are a luxury most do not have, but those that do have pools know how much work they can be to maintain. The work is definitely worth the reward when you finally get to relax after a long day at work and can take a dip into your own private pool. If your pool is not exactly as clean as it should be, you may not be able to relax the way you want to in your pool. Cleaning your pool is one of the tasks you need to do in order to keep up with your pool maintenance. You can do this work yourself, or you can hire a professional pool cleaning service to do this work for you. Read on for some cleaning tips to keep your pool crystal-clear this summer.

Test The Chemicals In The Water

You need to test the chemicals in the water to see what needs to be added to the pool. You cannot simply eyeball your pool and know that it needs chlorine or stabilizer. You have to use a testing kit to do this. Simply adding chlorine is not going to be enough, especially if your pH levels are off. You could be adding chlorine, and it may be eaten up because the rest of your chemicals are not at the right levels. Test your pool water with a water testing kit, which can be found online or at your local pool supply store. You may also be able to take your water in to be tested at your pool supply store as well.

Add The Necessary Chemicals

You need to add whatever chemicals are necessary to your pool in order to ensure the water is safe for swimming and to prevent your water from turning green or black. Algae can grow rather quickly, and it can ruin your pool liner if you allow it to. Add the necessary chemicals to your pool water according to the testing kit. Only use pool-safe chemicals. Do not use anything else, including bleach or other household products, to clean your pool or your water.

Vacuum The Pool Floor

The debris floating on the top of the pool will get sucked into the filter, but eventually, some of the debris will settle to the bottom of your pool floor. This settled debris is where algae can grow. You need to vacuum your pool to remove this debris and prevent algae growth, or stains on your pool floor. Vacuum your pool at least once per week or more often if it needs it. You should be able to see the bottom of your pool, and if you cannot, it needs to be cleaned.

If your pool is not as clean as it should be, you may not be able to relax in it as you would want to. Your pool may also not last too long without proper care and maintenance. Hire a professional cleaning service to do this work for you to ensure your pool is getting clean and is being taken care of as it should.

For more information about pool cleaning, contact a local company.