Why An Inground Pool Is Worth The Extra Money

When it comes to building the perfect house, a lot of people consider having a pool an important part of that project. Not only are they very aesthetically pleasing, but they are fun for the whole family and great for when you host events. However, there are a few different types of pools, and choosing the right design is not always as easy as it looks. An above-ground pool costs a lot less than its inground compatriots, but that is not the only factor that matters. Here are a few reasons why you should prioritize an inground pool for your home.

Permanent Structure 

Once you put an inground pool into place, that is it, it should last indefinitely, barring some kind of major natural disaster. The actual structure of your inground pool is protected by the earth itself and therefore requires far less upkeep than any above-ground pool. Not only does that make them a safer investment, but it also adds a lot more value to your home than an above-ground swimming pool. Finally, it is worth noting that above-ground swimming pools by their very nature, have maintenance and structural issues far more common simply because they are consistently fighting gravity, which can cause leaks, tears, and other issues to occur.


When installing an inground pool, you generally have better options about where to put it because you are going to have to terraform the land a little bit anyway. It is much rarer for an above-ground pool to have any kind of earthworks involved in its installation, and if you do try to do that then it will cost a lot more and the savings for using this cheaper method will be a lot more minimal. If you want to maximize your space, then an inground pool is generally a better option.


Perhaps the main reason why inground pools are so popular is that you really can make them however you want. Whether that is long and thin, circular with different offshoots, or even a style that mimics a natural body of water, there is no limit to what you can achieve with an inground pool. Above-ground pools, on the other hand, come prefabricated and therefore you are limited to the designs and styles that have been made by the company you are considering choosing, and if they don't meet your needs then you are out of luck with very few options.