Options For A Backyard Pool

When you find a good company that offers pool services, you will have a lot of options. What kind of pool do you want? Are there any extras or special features you're interested in getting?

A company that offers pool services will typically handle everything from the installation to every last detail that you request. They will also be there if you run into any issues in the future. Before choosing a pool, you should consider the following choices so you know what you want down to the smallest detail:

Inground or Above-Ground Pool?

When you get a new pool, you must decide whether you want an inground or above-ground pool. Inground pools last much longer and are less susceptible to damage; many also prefer them over above-ground pools. However, they also cost a lot more. 

Above-ground pools provide many of the same benefits as an inground pool at a significantly lower cost. They're also less permanent, so it's a good option in case you're not sure if you want to have the pool forever. 


Where on your property do you want your pool installed? It's an important decision to think long and hard about because you won't be able to change your mind once it's there. Consider things like accessibility to your house, noise levels, what will be nearby, difficulty leveling the area, how it will look, etc.  


The pool service company you hire to install your pool will likely offer many different-sized pools. You should base your decision on the number of people you want to be able to enjoy the pool at any given time, your budget, and the size of your yard. You should also carefully consider how deep you want the pool to be in case you have children who will be swimming in it or if you want to be able to dive safely. 

Entry Options

You will have many entry options for your new pool, including ladders, stairs, and beach entry. Beach entry is when the pool starts very shallow so you can walk right in, and then it gradually gets deeper—like a beach. The pool service company will give you tips for the best entry options based on your pool style.  


The great thing about getting a pool is you can add extra features to customize it to your liking. For example, you could add a diving board, slide, waterfalls, a deck, etc. The same pool service company that installs your pool will likely offer many extras for you to choose from, so let them know any custom details you want.