Build Your Luxury Pool In Stone With Waterfalls And Other Extravagant Features

A luxury pool is a great addition to any home. Not only do such pools add more beauty and value to the property, but they also greatly improve the lifestyle of its owner. People who build their own luxury pool can now indulge in a refreshing and entertaining experience. Its extravagance and impressive features often define a luxurious pool. The following luxury pool design ideas can be used for some of the extravagant stone features of your project:

Luxury Pool Stone Surfaces

Choosing the right stone for the design of your pool is important. There might be luxurious finishes that you want to include in the design, such as marble, granite, or slate. These materials look good, but they are not always practical. Therefore, you might want to consider other elements to add texture to the pool deck surface, stairs, and other areas. These are areas where you want more slip-resistant surfaces for the safety of your pool. They can be limestone, textured slate, or synthetic surfaces that are designed to look like stone.

Waterfalls and Rockwork

One aspect of extravagant pools that many homeowners like to add is waterfalls. These additions enhance the natural beauty of the swimming hole and make them feel like real majestic bodies of water. Of course, some waterfalls can be especially elaborate, some even rivaling some natural wonders. This is why rockwork is important when building waterfalls for your pool. The rockwork can include large natural stone and synthetic designs that help create the unique custom design you want.

Water Features

The waterfall might be the main focal point of your pool's design, but it doesn't have to be the only water feature. There are other features that can add to the design of your pool. You might want to consider adding streams or a lazy river that flows around an island in your pool design. You can also add a small beach area where you can wade into the water.


Another feature to consider for your luxury pool design is a grotto. This cavern-like area can be a versatile addition to your pool design. It can house a spa if you want to add a hot tub to the design or feature an underwater area that can be used for a bar or just a relaxing space. You can add the grotto under the rock features of waterfalls or in a hidden angle of the pool to ensure it is a private secret space in your pool.

The design of your pool can include extravagant features like waterfalls, flowing streams, and a miniature private beach to set it apart from all the others. Contact a luxury pool builder to start planning the design of your new pool.