Inground Pool Design Tips to Help You Create the Perfect Escape From the Summer Heat

Choosing the right pool for your home is a big decision that you are going to have to make. You want to choose a pool that is right for you. If you are going with an inground pool, there is some planning and preparations to do. The following inground pool information will help you with the design to create the perfect summer escape:

The Right Pool Size

First, the size of the pool is an important choice to make for the design of your inground pool — the options, sizes, and shapes can be adjusted to fit any available space. For a smaller space, you might even want to consider a narrower, rectangular design that can fit in the available space you have on your property. If you have enough land, then there are also options for oval, kidney, and custom inground pool shapes that you may want to use.

Pool Surfacing Finishes

Next, it is time to consider the pool surfacing. There are a lot of options for inground pool surfacing. They start with basic plaster-like finishes that have colored sealants. These are the most affordable solutions for pool surfacing. There are also options for tile and stone finishes for more elegant designs that a professional inground pool service can install.

Pool Deck Area Designs

The deck surface is another area where you want to plan for the design of your inground pool. The most basic pool deck surfaces are concrete, which can be finished to give them an attractive custom design. In addition to concrete, there are also modern porous pavement materials that can be used for pool decks, and they give you a lot of options for colors and designs to add to your pool area. Many of these modern pool deck surfacing materials are also slip-resistant, which will make your summer escape safer.

Extra Features for Inground Pools

When you build an inground pool, there might be other areas where you want to add features. The custom features that you add to your inground pool will set it apart from conventional designs and give it a custom look. These extra features can include cascading waterfalls, rock formations, slides, and even hot tub areas. Adding these features to your pool will also provide a lot more fun for your family at your summer escape.

A stunning pool design can be a great addition to your home. If you are in the market for a new inground pool, contact an experienced company.