Swimming Pool Maintenance To Deal With Problems As The Summer Heat Arrives

Summer heat means that you are using your pool more frequently, the summer heat can cause it to need more maintenance. Therefore, you want to catch problems ahead of time to keep your pool clean and clear all summer long. The following types of swimming pool maintenance will help you keep your water clean as summer weather starts to cause problems:

Combating Algae Blooms During Heatwaves

Algae blooms are a serious issue that you will be fighting as long as your pool is open. When the weather is warmer, the algae blooms might be a more serious problem that you have to deal with. This is because the chlorine and pool chemicals dissipate quickly during the summer heat. Therefore, your pool may need some extra maintenance to deal with algae blooms during warmer weather. This can consist of treating the water with chemical treatments and cleaning equipment parts where algae problems can start.

Dealing with Chlorine and PH Balance Causing Problems

The chlorine levels are another issue that you may have to deal with during the summer months. This is because chlorine burns off naturally when the weather is really hot. It is also due to the use of your pool during the nicer weather. Therefore, it is going to need maintenance like shock treatments throughout the summer months to ensure it stays clean. A pool maintenance service can help with chlorine shock treatments and balance the pH levels.

Keeping the Water Clear During the Summer Season

There are also issues with water clarity that you might have to battle with all summer. The summer weather can cause problems with pollen and debris that affect the clarity of the water. These issues can lead to algae blooms and other problems with the water if they are not treated quickly. Therefore, you may want to have a pool maintenance service help you deal with the clarity issues as soon as the water starts to become cloudy.

Dealing with Pool Equipment Parts That Fail in Summer Heat

The pool equipment can also be affected by the summer heat. Sometimes, there might be minor issues with parts that fail; a pool maintenance service can take care of them for you. These problems are often due to issues like leaks, worn seals, and pump failures. These problems may also be caused by maintenance that needs to be done, such as cleaning out leaf traps or cleaning a pump that is blocked by debris.

The issues with the summer heat can make it difficult to keep the water in your pool well-balanced. Contact a pool maintenance service for help dealing with these issues to ensure you can enjoy a refreshing dip in the summer heat.