3 Ways You Know It's The Right Time To Spend Some Money On Pool Repairs

One of the best assets that you can add to your residential property is a swimming pool. The beauty of the pool is that it adds value to your property and also serves you. For example, you will hold parties around it, relax in it with family, and even exercise. However, the length of time and efficiency with which your pool will serve you depends on how well you maintain it. Even with timely and proper maintenance, a time will come when the pool will be damaged in certain ways. Pool damage will need repairs if you want to use the facility for a long time. 

Here are three ways you can tell that your pool is damaged and needs immediate repairs.

When the Grout Starts Looking Discolored

The grout is the material that binds the tiles together and also sticks them to the concrete or other subfloor of the pool. When installed and sealed correctly, it should serve you for several years without damage. However, if you notice that your grout is dirty or has gotten severely discolored, consider repairs. Often, dirt particles will wedge themselves in the spaces between the tiles. 

At other times, the grout wears out because of the harsh chemicals used to clean the pool. Either way, if the material is too damaged, you should call a pool repair expert to replace it. Re-grouting the pool stops water damage on the sub-layers. 

When the Sand Filter Is Blocked

The sand filter is a crucial component of your swimming pool because it catches all the debris in the water that goes into the pool. It is simply a tank full of sand, and it can last for up to a decade when installed correctly. However, when the filter gets blocked, you have to remove and replace it with a new one. Replacement restores the efficiency with which the system filters debris and keeps it out of your pool.

When the Pipes Are Blocked

The plumbing is the third essential part of the pool's functionality. The network of pipes takes water into the pool and also away from it. If any of the lines are blocked or damaged, you will have difficulty maintaining the pool when a part of this system is blocked. Typically, the pipes block because of solids, leaves, and other debris. Sometimes replacing the pipework is the only remedy for the problem.

Other common issues that warrant pool repairs include broken heaters or when the pool has cracks in the walls. Call a swimming pool repair professional to help you assess what needs repairs and help you make them.