Swimming Pool Equipment Upgrades To Do Before Opening For Summer

When you are preparing to open your pool for the summer months, there are going to be repairs that need to be done. This can also be an excellent opportunity to upgrade pool equipment. These upgrades can be to improve water quality and reduce maintenance. Some of the pool equipment upgrades can also help save energy. The following swimming pool upgrades are some of the solutions you want to invest in before summer is here:

Pump Replacement Options for More Efficient Circulation

The pump is an area where you will want to begin considering upgrades for your pool equipment. Today, there are several options to upgrade the pumps that circulate the water in your pool, including:

  • Variable-speed pool pump
  • Multiple high-pressure pumps
  • High-efficiency pumps

The pumps can be more efficient and powerful to reduce energy costs and improve the circulation of water in your pool.

Updating Pool Equipment with Solar Energy Solutions

The equipment for your pool may include a heater or other systems that can be improved with renewable energy. These systems can be improved with solar energy. Some of the ways that solar energy can be used with your pool equipment include:

  • Solar lighting for the pool area
  • Solar panels to power equipment like pumps
  • Solar collectors to provide thermal energy for pool heaters

These renewable energy solutions are a great way to improve your pool with a more efficient design. They can also provide you with thermal energy to use your pool when the water is normally too cold. 

Adding A Chlorine Dispensing System to Pool Equipment

The chlorine treatments that you add to your pool are important to maintain the water quality during the summer months. It is difficult to keep up with treatments that need to be done, but there is a solution. When you have other equipment upgrades done, you can also install a chlorine distribution system to ensure that treatments are never neglected.

Alternative Filtration Systems and Saltwater Conversions

There are also alternative filtration solutions that you will want to consider for your pool. Some of these alternative solutions include saltwater filtration, which requires specialized equipment. There are also natural filtration systems, which are completely different than conventional pool equipment and don't use chemicals to treat the water.

The equipment upgrades before summer will help you get ready to open and reduce problems throughout the season. Contact a swimming pool equipment service to start discussing these upgrades before opening this year.