4 Natural Pool Maintenance Tips To Ensure You Are Able To Swim All Summer Without Problems

Natural pool designs are a great way to create a chemical-free swimming area for your home. They can also be hard to maintain, and you want to prevent problems with algae blooms and bacteria. With good maintenance and the right systems, you will be able to easily keep the water in your natural pool clean. The following maintenance tips will help ensure you are able to swim in your pool all summer with no problems:

1. Taking Care of Plants to Keep Debris Out and The Water Clean

The biggest part of a natural pool design are the plants that help filter contaminants from the water. It is also important that you routinely care for the plants that help keep the water in your pool clean. Make sure that plants are well-trimmed and not overcrowded. Thin any grass or other plants that quickly spread and can overtake the filtration system.

2. Filtration for Natural Pools with A Well-balanced Design to Keep Water Clean

Filtration of your pool is important, and there should be balance between plants, animals and natural filtration mediums like sand and gravel. In addition, make sure that your pool has a pump that can provide an efficient rate of flow to circulate and clean the water as needed. If you have had problems with the filtration, talk with a natural pool design service about improvements that can be done to your filtration system.

3. Routinely Cleaning Skimmers and Any Debris That Gets into The Water

With natural pool designs, there are skimmers that are larger to catch any debris that falls in the water. Just like with any other pool design, you will want to routinely clean the debris out of the skimmers. In addition, make sure that you remove any large debris that falls in swimming areas before it causes problems with water quality.

4. Regularly Testing the Water to Catch and Treat Problems Before They Get Serious

Testing the water of any pool is important for any type of design, but it is even more important for natural pools. You will want to test your water regularly for PH balance and issues like algae and other organisms, especially during the hot summer months.

These natural pool maintenance tips will help ensure you are able to swim in your pool all summer with no problems. If you need help with improvements to your pool before summer, contact a natural pool design service such as Pacific AquaScapes to ensure your filtration system is doing its part to keep the water clean.