Natural Swimming Pools: Key Information

Providing your family with a pleasant place to swim and enjoy the water does not necessarily mean installing a conventional concrete pool in your backyard. A fascinating alternative is to have a natural pool, which resembles a pond, placed on your property. These are not as common as concrete pools, but are being seen more frequently due to their beauty and utility. Here is a closer look at these intriguing outdoor features. 

Plants and Mud  

If you are concerned that installing a natural pool might have your family swimming in mud and weeds, then you can toss those worries aside. Most natural pools have two separate areas: a swimming area and a plant area. The swimming area will usually have a liner applied on the bottom, so mud will not be a concern. Plants will have their own separate space and will not interfere will your enjoyment of the pool. 

Water Freshness  

The freshness of the water in your natural pool should not be an issue. The contractor will install the appropriate filters and pumps to ensure that the water never becomes stagnant or offensive. Also, the aquatic plants placed in the plant portion of the pool will help keep the pool free of contaminants through natural processes. Placing a skimmer in the pool will help keep the water free of algae and impurities as well. 


Are you or any family members sensitive to the chlorine buildup in conventional pools? If so, then a natural pool could be the answer to your problems. With natural pools, no chlorine or other chemicals are required. The natural eco-system that develops in the water keeps it fresh, so you don't have to worry about your eyes being irritated due to chlorine sensitivity. 

Bulk Water 

Once your natural pool is installed and everything is in place, then you have to fill the pool with water. You could use a garden hose, but this could be take quite a long time and be impractical. Also, if you live in a rural area and obtain your water from a well, you don't want to drastically reduce the water level in your well. 

The best answer is probably to have a bulk water delivery from a pool company, such as Renehan's. The job will be done in a short amount of time and you can be assured of getting high-quality water. 

Installing a natural is great idea in many instances. Contact your pool contractor for more information.