Decorate A Pool And Patio With A Tropical Theme For Your Spouse's Birthday Party

If you are holding an evening pool party to celebrate your spouse's birthday, the following tips will help you decorate the pool and patio that surrounds it with a an attractive tropical theme. Once you have finished decorating, plan some festive activities for your guests to enjoy.


  • plastic patio furniture
  • disposable tablecloths and dinnerware (floral print)
  • bamboo place mats
  • bamboo torches (with citronella oil)
  • barbecue lighter
  • ceramic flower pots
  • dirt
  • balloons
  • light sticks
  • floating candle bowls
  • waterproof tape
  • artificial flowers
  • portable hammock
  • chaise lounge chairs 
  • utility cart
  • radio
  • PVC pipe
  • prize
  • cooler (filled with ice)
  • beverages 

Dining Section

Set up some plastic tables and chairs in one corner of the deck. Cover the tables with disposable tablecloths that have a floral print on them. Create a place setting for each person that includes a bamboo mat and disposable dinnerware that has a pattern printed on each piece that complements the tablecloths. Insert a couple bamboo torches that contain citronella oil into ceramic flower pots that are filled with dirt. Place the pots near the tables.

When it is time to serve dinner, light the torches so that your guests can eat their meals without being bothered by mosquitoes. Your guests will also appreciate the soft, inviting glow that each torch produces. 

Pool Area

Activate several, short light sticks. Blow up balloons and place one of the sticks inside of each one before tying it. Place the balloons in various parts of the pool's interior. Use waterproof tape to attach artificial flowers to floating candle holders. Set the holders up inside of the pool. The guests will enjoy the unique decorations while it is light outside. As it grows darker, the glowing light inside of each balloon will enhance the beauty of the pool as the guests swim and enjoy themselves.

Recreation And Relaxation Spot

Set up a hammock that is supported by a frame and some chaise lounge chairs near the edge of the pool. Place a battery operated radio on a utility cart so that your guests can listen to music as they relax. Fill a cooler with a variety of tropical beverages for your guests to drink while they are resting.

Invite your guests to play the limbo if they are not resting on the hammock or one of the chairs. Two people can each hold one end of a PVC pipe so that it is straight. As the other guests who are participating in the game successfully go under the PVC pipe, the  people who are holding it can lower it. Give a prize to the person who is able to pass under the pipe the most amount of times. 

Your spouse and all of the guests will appreciate the tropical atmosphere that you have created for the birthday celebration and will enjoy themselves as they swim, play, and unwind.

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