Swimming Pool Maintenance: What Should Be Done To Prevent Safety Hazards

Have you had your inground swimming pool for a long time without any maintenance being done? You may want to get the drains inspected and water cleaned to make sure you are safe when enjoying the pool. Below, learn about the importance of making sure your pool is properly maintained to prevent safety hazards from not getting timely repairs.

How Should a Swimming Pool Be Maintained to Prevent Safety Hazards?

The drain covers in your swimming pool should be inspected on occasion to make sure they are not out of place. There are several types of drains in the pool, including the main drains and skimmers. Poor maintenance of the covers can lead to someone getting injured due to the high amount of pressure in the drains. High drain pressure is necessary for removing debris out of the water. However, the pressure can lead to body parts getting sucked into the drains, drowning or even disembowelment (especially for small children).

It is also important for the water in your pool to be clean and balanced. Failing to make sure the water is sanitary can lead to an infection or other health problems from bacteria. A specialist must be hired to remove debris out of the water and add chlorine to clean it. He or she must also balance the water by making sure the stabilizers, alkalinity, pH, dissolved solids and hardness of calcium levels are right. Chlorine and the pH levels work together, so they are the most vital aspects of cleaning and balancing the water.

Damaged swimming pool lights can also pose a safety hazard. Make sure the lights are inspected in case they are broken. You don't want to swim in water with damaged lights because it can lead to electrocution.

How Much Does a Specialist Charge to Maintain a Swimming Pool?

If you want your swimming pool cleaned and balanced on a weekly basis, you are looking to spend at least an average of $75 plus per month. The price will be higher based on any additional services, such as inspecting the drain covers. Investing in regular maintenance is worth it because you can prevent having to invest in costly repairs and swim without your body getting harmed.

Never get in a swimming pool that is in need of being repaired, as you may regret it. Keep your pool safe by contacting a specialist like one from All-American Pools to maintain the water and drains in a safe condition!