How To Clean Your Hot Tub With Non-Toxic Chemicals

Are you concerned about the sanitation of your hot tub, but worried about using harsh chemicals? Harsh chemicals such as bleach and chlorine may clean your hot tub out, but they may also irritate your skin. If your children use your hot tub, you may also be concerned that the chemicals could harm them. Luckily, there are a few ways that you can clean out your hot tub without using dangerous chemicals.

Hydrogen Peroxide

A hydrogen peroxide solution is commonly used to disinfect cuts and can also be used to both clean and disinfect a hot tub. Hydrogen peroxide can be purchased at virtually any store. Be careful -- it can lighten hair and clothes, though it does not do so as quickly as bleach. Hydrogen peroxide has an advantage over bleach and chlorine, because it is not harsh enough to hurt anyone upon skin contact. Skin and eyes should still be flushed in the event that it comes into contact with them. 

Vinegar Washes

If your hot tub has had mold growth or any similar bacterial issues, you can drain it and then wipe it off thoroughly with vinegar. Keep in mind that vinegar is acidic, so it should not remain on the surface of the hot tub. Instead, wipe the hot tub down completely (saturating all surfaces) and then rinse it off. Vinegar also has the advantage of removing odors, so if you have a musty or moldy odor associated with your hot tub it should help.

Salt Water

A certain level of salt water in a hot tub can sanitize it, but there are a few things you should know. Salt water does build up eventually if it is placed into a tub in too high concentrations. The amount of salt that needs to be introduced to keep water clean is quite low. You should always check with your manufacturer to ensure that the hot tub jets and other features will not be damaged by salt water. However, it's a great way to create a completely natural system of water sanitation. The water should still be drained and replaced frequently. 

You may want to check with your hot tub's manufacturer to find out more about these methods. Certain types of hot tub may prove a little more difficult to clean. If your hot tub has a soft interior, it may also be more susceptible to damage with acidic solutions. Always double check before trying out a new cleaning method. To learn more, visit a website like