Considering an In-Ground Pool? 3 Things That You Should Know

When temperatures start to rise, swimming pools often start to look more attractive to homeowners. Pools are great for both relaxation and exercise. There are a lot of options and styles to choose from when it comes to swimming pools. While there are both above-ground and in-ground pools to choose from, an in-ground swimming pool is best option for many homeoweners. If you are considering installing an in-ground swimming pool, here are three things that you should be aware of.

You Have Options

The first thing you should know is that the options for in-ground swimming pools are nearly endless. There are a variety of styles and materials that you can use to get the pool of your dreams. In-ground pools are typically constructed using either concrete, vinyl, or fiberglass. You also have the choice between a saltwater system and a traditional chlorine system. Other options that you may also want to look into include pool heaters, spas, waterfalls, lighting, speakers, and even slides. There are a variety of features that can be added to your in-ground pool. 

Costs Can Vary

The average cost of an in-ground swimming pool ranges between $35,426 and $65,284. Prices can vary depending on the material used, the size of the pool, and the design features you decide to go with. Concrete tends to be more expensive than vinyl and fiberglass and is a popular choice for larger pools. Vinyl and fiberglass pools are typically easier to maintain than concrete. Maintenance costs are also something that should be factored in when it comes to choosing an in-ground pool. These costs do vary, but they typically range between $3,000 and $5,000 per year. 

Pool Construction Takes Time

If you were hoping for an in-ground pool by summertime, it's best to contact your pool contractor earlier in the year. Pool construction for in-ground pools can take longer than you expect. Vinyl and fiberglass pools are typically the quickest to install, while concrete in-ground pools take the longest to install. On average it takes between 14 to 30 days to install a fiberglass in-ground pool, between 25 to 45 days for a vinyl pool, and between 45 to 75 days for a concrete pool. You also have to consider your pool contractor's schedule and whether or not they are busy. 

If you are considering an in-ground pool, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. First, it's important to look at your options and determine which type of pool will work best for your needs. Costs can also vary depending on materials used and the amount of maintenance required. Lastly, pool construction can  take time. Remember, it can take anywhere from 14 to 75 days for your new pool to be finished.